Professional Firearms Consultants

Concealed Carry Weapon - CCW

The CCW class will help prepare you to legally carry a concealed weapon. This is a very enjoyable and informative class. This class exceeds the Missouri and Kansas requirements for a concealed carry weapon permit. All skill levels are allowed in the class, however a good course to take for inexperienced shooters is the basic firearms safety and weapons handling course that we offer.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. We are that confident you will pass our CCW class or your money back. 

Check our calendar for dates.

Subjects Studied:

Firearms Safety & Weapons Handling; Guns, Ammo & Holster Selections; Concealed Carry Methods; Basic Defensive Pistol Shooting Techniques; Street Smart Tactics; What to expect in the after math of a shooting and more.

Equipment Needed:

Safety Ear & Eye Protection, Handgun and 100 rounds of ammo
NOTE: Firearms and ammunition can be rented/purchased at the range. Ear and eye protection also available.

Length of Class:

8 Hours (depending on the size of the class)


$125 per person ($50 deposit required to reserve a spot)


Certificate of Training and Qualification (paper work for your state to acquire state carry permit)