Professional Firearms Consultants

Firearms Courses

There are many shooting schools in the U.S. that offer firearms training - most of them based on self-defense "tactics." Often, the instruction emphasizes these tactics rather than basic shooting and gun-handling skills, leaving the student lacking in these fundamental and critical skills.

Also, many shooting instructors continue to teach techniques which are badly outdated, despite the progress made in the past twenty years. At Professional Firearms Consultants, we believe that handgun owners should have the most modern and appropriate skill sets - and most of all - complete confidence in their ability to use a handgun in any situation, regardless of the circumstances or tactics used.

Don M. Pind, director and chief instructor, focuses on teaching his students modern practical pistol shooting techniques that can be used in self-defense, home security, competition, or law enforcement.

These techniques include a proper grip, sight alignment and sight picture, trigger control, stance, target acquisition, magazine changes and more, and are reinforced throughout all of your training. Once these techniques are fully understood, Don teaches each student how to increase his or her speed while maintaining accuracy through fluid motion.

Gunsmith Services

Don is certified by Smith and Wesson and is a Glock Armorer. He can help you with anything from trigger setups to detail stripping or changing sights. Call for more information and pricing.